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Mountain Tidings

La Loba Painting

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"La Loba ~ Wolf Woman"
24x36 acrylic on canvas

It is said that the La Loba (the Wolf Woman) lives in the hidden places waiting for the lost and the wandering to come to her. 

They say that she spends her days collecting the bones of anything that is in danger of being lost to the world and she takes a particular fondness to the bones of wolves. She scours the abandoned places looking for wolf bones, and when she has assembled an entire skeleton, when the last bone is in place, she sings over the bones. And the bones become flesh. 

And La Loba sings on and the creature begins to breathe & then leaps up and runs down the canyon. It runs with such strength that in the stride of one magical step the desert floor shakes and the wolf is transformed into a woman. And she is free to run off into the sunset.

36" x 24 x 2" acrylic painting on gallery wrapped canvas featuring La Loba.

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