Antoine Peak -West Trailhead to Summit + Emerald Neckace 04/02/2021

Antoine Peak- Spokane, Wa

Distance:     5.58 miles
Elevation Gain:     995 feet
Activity:     Hike

Christina Deubel on Antoine Peak Christina Deubel on Antoine Peak Snow on Antoine Peak - April 2021

Taking a slightly different trail on this venture, I ended up slogging through some rather slushy snow on the back side of the mountain.  I would assume that it will be another month or so before one could trail run through that section.  It is however lovely and totally doable in my trail runners.

Additionally, I had a few people ask me where the trailhead had moved to, so I will include that link HERE for anyone frustrated by the new transition.

Buttercup painting by Christina Deubel
"Buttercups" Painted on Antoine Peak 04.02.2021 by Christina Deubel

365 Hikers Challenge (Start date 3/27/2021) -14.45 miles total = 350.55 miles to go

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