Christina Deubel is Mountain Tidings

My earliest memories are of animals. Growing up on a 500-acre ranch, my childhood revolved around animals. Cows, chickens, and horses were my first friends, and as I grew so did my respect and appreciation for the richness they bring to our lives.

Artist Christina Deubel paints on top of a mountain

I began exploring nature at a young age, too, with fishing and exploring my giant backyard being at the forefront of my adventures. Today I spend as much time as my life allows on outdoor activities and exploration, from hiking to mountain biking to snowboarding & van travel throughout the Northwest. My love of nature is deeply rooted, and as steady and constant as the arrow on the compass I carry.

Christina Deubel Fine Artist and Van Life Adventurer

My goal as an artist is to bring the natural vibrancy, majesty, power, and beauty of the Pacific Northwest to the canvas. Being in nature is a visceral experience for me, and I paint by channeling this energy through my fingertips. Yes, you heard that right. I create fine art paintings using that beloved childhood art of finger painting.


My work has been exhibited throughout the Northwest, featured in several national and international publications, and showcased on PBS. While recognition has its reward, my biggest joy comes from seeing people’s reaction to a landscape painting of a place they love, or the wonder in their eyes as they experience a grizzly bear leaping off of a canvas.  

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings”. John  Muir

Christina Deubel, Artist

Christina Deubel
203 N Washington St
Spokane, WA 99201