Beacon Hill Mountain Bike Trails 4/19/21

Beacon Hill Mountain Bike Trails 4/19/21

Earning turns on Beacon Hill

Christina Deubel mountain bike sketch

Distance:     6.2 miles
Elevation Gain:     771
Activity:     Mountain Bike


Beacon Hill sits perched above the river, right where Spokane & Spokane Valley come together.  That being said, it is easily accessed no matter where you live. 


Beacon Hill is a Mountain Bike Park!!! It is also used for hiking & there is a disc golf course. 

The trails are labeled from green to black diamonds.  Green being the beginner trails, just like when you're snowboarding. 

Beacon Hill view

I was able to stick to the beginner trails for the majority of my ride, sticking mostly to Upchuck as I made my way up the mountain. The views from the top are lovely & you eventually wind around into an area that experienced wildfire burn a couple of years ago.  The arrowleaf balsamroot was out in full force & seemed to be enjoying the fresh soil. 

Christina Deubel

Even on the green trails, I did have a few moments of anxiety in my old bike.  She doesn't have the fancy features to do your seat and whatnot, so things can feel pretty top heavy on those steep drops.

Beacon Hill

This is an example of a blue line. I am not brave enough to go off of this (yet).

Beacon Hill Bike Park

And some sweet jumps at the bottom!

Mountain Bike Beacon Hill

My route for the day, sticking to mostly green lines with a few blues sprinkled in by mistake 😄


I can't wait to get up there and hit this several more times! I suspect that I'll get into a routine of trying to beat my time up & not chicken out on some of the scary down parts. 

Awesome area!!!! Maintained by the fine folks at Evergreen East Mountain Bike Alliance. 



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