PNW Adventure! Here I come!

PNW Adventure! Here I come!

Adventure is in my blood. I've never been great at routines or sticking with one particular thing for too terribly long.  I love change, I love learning, I love doing things that make me uncomfortable. That being said, I have some exciting plans for the coming months. 

First of all, I was accepted into Terrains, Creative Enterprise which I will be diving into for the next 12 weeks. Creative Enterprise, an in-depth training program for artists which includes weekly classes, one-on-one coaching & peer-to-peer learning to equip participants with the skills to transition their creative endeavors into living-wage small businesses. I am beyond stoked to be included and I look forward to coming out the other side of these 12 weeks stronger and more capable of crushing my goals. 

What are said goals you ask? 

This summer I intend to hit the road as much as I'm capable of while still maintaining my typical duties at home. It will be an interesting balancing act for sure and will certainly come with some growing pains. I am going to be traveling to the wild places & painting the beauty of the PNW. Camping & hiking & biking my way across the region which I love so much! 

Best places to visit in the PNW?

As I map out a few itineraries and study all the places that I want to explore I have questions for You! 

  1. What is your favorite National Park in the Northwest. 
  2. Do you have a favorite hike, waterfall, lake, mountain, hot spring that I simply must explore?
  3. Do you have a favorite adventure book I should download for those quite evenings?
  4. Do you have an awesome Spotify Playlist that would be perfect for a road trip? 
Traveling the Olympic Peninsula

I have already mapped out one trip, being to the Olympic Peninsula & landing at the family ocean property in Copalis.  I'm not totally sure if this will be my first trip... but meeting up with family at the end was rather motivating so it's the first one I painted.

I look forward to hearing your suggestions! And of course, I am beyond grateful for all of your cheerleading & support as I dig in on this new adventure.

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