Trail Work on Etter Ranch 4/08/2021

Trail Work on Etter Ranch 4/08/2021

Another trail work party on the newly acquired Etter Ranch portion of the Antoine Peak Conservation area owned by Spokane County Parks.

Washington Trails Association trail work party

I am so excited about this trail you guys! It winds and twisted through the forest before opening up into some glorious meadows and then climbing some more.  

Etter Ranch Trail

I'm fairly certain that once it's open to the public, it is going to be one of my favorite places to ride my bike.  Until the parking area is put in, this trail is off limits so watch for updates, I'll certainly tell you all once she's ready for visitors.  

The trail will eventually connect to the Emerald Necklace Trail that loops around the summit of Antoine Peak.  Overall this is going to be a great climb,  decent elevation gain (in guessing maybe around 800 ft of gain once it's complete) without any terribly steep terrain to contend with. 

Etter Ranch Trail Work

This is a before and after of the section that i worked today with the Washington Trail Association. 

Christina Deubel Washington Trail Association

Today we saw snow, hail, gropple & sunshine while out there blazing trails for you.  It was a wonderful day with a great group of people! My muscles are sore in the happiest of ways! 

Happy hiking my friends! I'll see you on the trails!

365 Hikers Challenge (Start date 3/27/2021) -24.55 miles total = 340.45 miles to go 
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